4 nd litter

                    All kittens have found a new home.

                        Date of birth:  19/11/2012.
    Parents: Yashma "Formula Uspeha" and  Zibert Danvel

                                      EСН Yashma Sineglazaya        GIСН Zibert Danvel                         

Kittens from the couple living in the kennel  "Formula Uspeha"

link to the website of kittens:   http://www.nevacoon.com/D.htm

            Dundee "Formula Uspeha".  reserve (Moscow)

                             male сolor: n 21 33 (seal-tabby-point)

        Darling "Formula Uspeha".  Reserve (Switzerland)   
                   male color: a 33 03 (blue-point and white)

       Danver  "Formula Uspeha."  Reserve (South Africa)
                          male color: а 21 33 (blue-tabby-point)
           David   "Formula Uspeha"    Рeserve (Moscow)
                 male сolor: n 21 33 (seal-tabby-point)

       Dustin  "Formula UspehaРeserve (Germany)
                       male color: a 21 33 (blue-tabby-point)